Love with a Healthy Ego

David Richo guides you on the path of generous love and shows how to build a healthy ego that is “just right”—not too big and not too weak—supporting you in being fully yourself and interacting with others in loving and effective ways.

Taught by: David Richo


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Mindful Loving: A Relationship Q&A

Relationships as a Spiritual Practice A Q&A with David Richo, author of How to Be an Adult in Relationships What does it mean to be an “adult” in relationships? Firstly, what does it...

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30 Years After

by Maureen Murdock, PhD author of The Heroine’s Journey and The Heroine’s Journey Workbook I wrote The Heroine’s Journey 30 years ago when women of my generation sought validation from pat...

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An Urgent Yearning for Women’s Leadership

by Maureen Murdock, PhD, author of The Heroine’s Journey and The Heroine’s Journey Workbook “We are a community in which every life and every person counts.” —Angela Merkel Across t...

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The Wisdom of Imperfection

The following excerpt is taken from The Wisdom of Imperfection by Rob Preece. One of my greatest challenges as a practicing Tibetan Buddhist of some thirty years has been to reconcile two worldviews—namely, those of Buddhism and Jung. By some coincidence, I first encountered both of these at the same...
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