Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships

A Workshop on Healing the Wound of the Heart

Read by John Welwood
By John Welwood

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ISBN: 9781590308585

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Why is it that love is so great and powerful, and yet our relationships are so difficult and challenging? If love is the source of happiness and joy, why is it so hard to open to it fully? While most of us have moments of loving freely and openly, it is often hard to sustain this where it matters most—in our intimate relationships. In a weekend workshop inspired by his award-winning book Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships, John Welwood addresses these questions and leads us through transformative exercises to overcome the fundamental obstacles that keep us from experiencing love’s full flowering in our lives. Through participating in these exercises, as well as listening to Welwood’s powerful teachings and the audience’s moving responses, we discover how to:

  • Free ourselves from the deep-seated belief that we are not intrinsically loveable just as we are.
      • Work creatively with the tension between love’s inherent perfection and relationship’s inevitable imperfection.
      • Understand and release grievances we hold against others for not loving us better—and against ourselves for not being better loved.
      • Recognize and gain access to the absolute love that is always available to us.

      4 ½ hours